This former Red Devil reveals “the washing machine” of English football


By: Manu Tournoux

Anfield, a hellish washing machine for Liverpool’s opponents.

Liverpool, imperial at home this season, once again demonstrated its strength this Sunday in the Premier League against Manchester City (1-1), its rival for the title of champion of England for 7 years now.

Former Manchester United defender and Sky Sports consultant Gary Neveille has shared his personal experience of the Reds’ Anfield, highlighting the electric atmosphere and the psychological impact it has on opponents.

“We are never safe on this ground”

The ex-England international compares Anfield to a ” washing machine “ : “You can be fine and then your world falls apart. » He explains that the City players, after scoring, relaxed, a fatal error against a team like Liverpool who never stop fighting.

“You can’t kill time here”insists Neville. “The Reds never give up, they always come back. You have to go all out and try to score a second goal, a third. We are never safe on this ground. »

“We all knew all hell was going to break loose”

The former Mancunian also highlights the importance of time management at Anfield. “To win here, you can’t think everything is going well. You can’t let the moments slip away. You can let the clock run out with three minutes left, but you can’t do it with sixty-five minutes left.”Neville judged.

“As soon as Ake and Ederson made the mistake, we all knew all hell was going to break loose,” declared the former Old Trafford resident.

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