The very surprising gesture of Kylian Mbappé with PSG


By: Manu Tournoux

Sunday afternoon, Kylian Mbappé started the match against Reims (2-2) on the sidelines. Entering to play the last quarter of an hour of the match, the Bondynois however did not have time to make any difference. A situation which, at this stage of the season, no longer surprises many people, since Luis Enrique no longer takes tweezers with him.

While its future will be written in Madrid – as revealed by us exclusively on January 7 – the serious general newspaper El País explains that the French star could have a nice gesture with the one who is still his club for a few months. Paris Saint-Germain could actually collect a small check thanks to the player’s signing with the La Liga leader.

A way to make peace

How could PSG make money from the departure of a free player? Well the Iberian newspaper explains that Kylian Mbappé has offered to donate part of the signing bonus that he will receive in Madrid to PSG. A way to make peace with the Parisian management and to make amends by compensating his current club, which would not normally have been entitled to a single euro in this matter.

While we are talking about a signing bonus of around 100 million euros, PSG could therefore receive part of this sum, which could for example be used in part to recruit a replacement for KM7. This would be a second big financial sacrifice for Bondynois, who had already renounced this famous loyalty bonus of 80 million euros. And a way to leave the capital through the front door…

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