Pogba, the incredible comeback? A club makes an offer!


By: Manu Tournoux

Despite his suspension for a positive test for testosterone, Paul Pogba maintains a very good rating abroad.

The information had the effect of a small explosion two weeks ago: Paul Pogba was suspended for 4 years following a positive test for testosterone. A decision which could lead to the end of the career of the French world champion, who still does not know the intentions of his club, Juventus, towards him.

Paul Pogba, however, has not said his last word. As his coach Didier Deschamps advised him, the midfielder will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. A lenient decision could allow him to consider a return to the field in the medium term. In this hypothesis, Pogba will not lack courtiers.

Pogba could play again immediately!

Even if Juventus were to terminate Paul Pogba’s contract, the French international could find a way out fairly quickly. A Russian club, Broke Boys FC, even offers him an immediate solution since it is not affiliated with FIFA or the Russian Football Federation, playing in the Media Football League.

This may seem like a joke, but we called it, explained Artjom Chatjaturjan, the sports director of this club. So far he has politely refused. He is in a desperate situation and needs time to accept that one of the best players in the world will not be allowed to play for such a long period of time“, concluded the manager in comments taken up by El Mundo Deportivo.

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