Controversy around Vinicius, Ancelotti releases a revelation!


By: Manu Tournoux

The Brazilian international, Vinicius Jr, does it again, the manager of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, still protects him.

Vinicius Jr, the Real Madrid striker, was again warned for unsportsmanlike behavior during his team’s victory against Celta Vigo (4-0) this Sunday in La Liga. His coach, Carlo Ancelotti, once again came to his aid.

“The first thing I thought was if the jersey had been torn,” said the Italian technician. The referee handled the situation well by issuing a yellow card. »

Ancelotti reaffirms his confidence in Vinicius

“If Vinicius stops this, they will put fewer boxes on us. For him, it’s a little frustrating, that’s normal,” added Don Carlo.

Ancelotti, who considers Vinicius “the most persecuted player” he has ever had under his management, also claimed: “I told him he is the best. I also said it to Rüdiger, to Nacho… What we both say to each other stays between us. We will continue to talk about it. »

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