Bologna: the president sees himself going far with Thiago Motta


By: Manu Tournoux

While Thiago Motta is at the end of his contract at the end of the season and many clubs including Juventus are already positioning themselves on the young Italian coach, the management of Bologna, led by president Claudio Fenucci, hopes to continue building its project with Motta: “The coach has been the architect of this growth and we hope he and the players stay with us. Thiago is very happy at Bologna, it’s as if he has a longer contract than he actually has. All things considered, a Bologna in Europe, beyond the Champions League, would be a wonderful signal for the whole of Italian football.

“As Atalanta has done in recent years, installing a serious organization for the club, with the right people in the sports sector, the coach and a group that goes beyond expectations, we can take a different path and give a new perspective to many clubs”compared the CEO of Rossoblu in the Radio Anch’Io Sport show on Rai Radio 1.

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