A club has made an offer to Paul Pogba!


By: Manu Tournoux

It’s official: Paul Pogba will not be able to play again before September 2027. The fault is a positive test during an anti-doping test at the start of the season with Juventus. If the player is going to appeal this heavy four-year sanction, everything indicates that it is the end of his career which presents itself for him, who will not be able to play again before he is 34 years old. And at this age, after so much time without playing, it will be difficult… At least, at the high level.

But now a strange alternative has been offered to him. Indeed, he has just received an offer from a Russian club. It’s not Zenit, Spartak Moscow, CSKA, Dynamo, or Krasnodar, but Broke Boys FC. Does this club mean nothing to you? It’s rather logical, since it’s a team that doesn’t play in the Russian Premier League, but rather Media Football League.

A very successful league

It is a competition not affiliated with the Russian federation or FIFA, and the sanction imposed on Paul Pogba would therefore have no effect. It brings together teams made up of influencers and celebrities and is very successful in Russia, with millions of spectators, and is sponsored by the bookmaker Winline. A bit like Gerard Piqué’s Kings League, except that the real rules of football are applied.

“This may sound like a joke, but we called it. So far he has politely refused. He is in a desperate moment and needs time to accept that one of the best footballers in the world will not be able to play for that long. At the moment, the MFL is the most serious league, in terms of status and level, that Pogba can play in”, confirmed Artjom Chatjaturjan, sporting director of Broke Boys FC. Who knows, maybe the 2018 world champion will change his mind…

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