Salah announces his departure from Liverpool!


By: Manu Tournoux

Mohamed Salah has ruled out the possibility of ending his career with the Liverpool club.

The departure of Jurgen Klopp this summer will mark a new era for Liverpool and many fear that some players will also leave, notably Mo Salah.

Jamie Carragher, during an interview with Sky Sports, asked the Egypt international if the manager’s departure would impact his decision on his future at Anfield and his response was as follows: ” No no. It’s life, it’s part of life now that everything is moving.”

Salah is ready to give up his place

“Players have already left the club, very important players have left the club. The manager is also very important to the club and he is leaving the club. One day I will leave the club too,” he added. He has obviously not made it clear when he will pack his bags, while rumors of an engagement in Saudi Arabia continue to grow about him.

Before leaving Anfield, Salah still has a few records to achieve with the red jersey on his back. With 205 goals, the former Roman is currently the third top scorer in the club’s history.

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