Manchester City decided for Foden


By: Manu Tournoux

More fit than ever with Manchester City, Phil Foden is about to start discussions with his club. With a big salary increase at stake.

A week ago, it was again he who shone brightly to turn the situation around during the derby between his club Manchester City and neighbor United (3-1, 27th day of the Premier League). Pure product of the training of Skyblues, Phil Foden never ceases to surprise, but above all to confirm all the hopes placed in him. The England international has now become a centerpiece of the system put in place by Pep Guardiola. And his importance is such that City management wants to lock him down.

Under contract until June 2027, the man nicknamed “Sniper” by his teammates provides proud service to his team, having already found the net eighteen times and delivered ten assists in forty matches, in all competitions. , since the start of the season. According to Football InsidersManchester City management is now keen to thank its player in a big way.

The salary of the best

The media explained that the international was preparing to enter into discussions with his club to request a salary increase and an extension, the last dating back to October 2022. Phil Foden’s goal would be to be paid at the level of the best team salaries. Football Insiders added that Manchester City were ready to talk to find common ground that would suit everyone.

Since he played among the Mancunian pros, Phil Foden has continued to pile up titles, he who already has twelve to his name (including a Champions League and five Premier League titles) at only twenty-three years old. .

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