Huge clash between 2 big names in French football!


By: Manu Tournoux

Two French football personalities clashed through the media.

From the start, the flow did not flow (with Aulas) because I did not do what he would have wanted, what he expected concerning the players of his club. » In an interview with L’ÉquipeCorinne Diacre did not beat around the bush when commenting on her very tumultuous relationship with Jean-Michel Aulas.

The latter’s reaction was not long in coming. Very vehemently, the former OL boss reframed the former coach of the French women’s team. “ In an interview given to the newspaper L’Équipe on March 6, Madame
Corinne Diacre, former coach of the Bleues, accuses me of having been at the origin of her dismissal because she would not have acted according to my wishes. This is not the first time that Madame Corinne Diacre has attacked me in the media and I would like to provide some information so that everyone can form an exhaustive and factual opinion of the events.
»wrote Aulas.

Aulas weighs on the departure of Deacon

The leader clarified his thoughts in this press release published on X. “ The departure of Mrs. Corinne Diacre followed the conclusions of an audit carried out by: Mrs. Aline RIERA, former international and member of the executive committee, Mrs. Laura GEORGES, former international, Mr. Marc KELLER, former international player, President of RC Strasbourg and manager of the Espoirs group with Thierry Henry. The report of this audit noted serious deficiencies in management, having led to strong tensions between the players and the coach, as well as with all of her staff, who were also carefully questioned. The management of Madame Corinne Diacre has also led to an unprecedented situation in the history of women’s football, forcing the best French players to refuse to play under the blue colors as long as Madame Corinne Diacre is at the head, just a few just months until the 2023 World Cup. »

I can only deplore that Madame Corinne Deacon persists in believing me to be the origin of a situation for which she is solely responsible. She forgets that I never stopped supporting her, especially when she traveled to watch matches in Lyon, where I received her personally each time. An ardent defender of women’s football for decades, I wish the success of our French players, both at club and national level. My support for the Blues is unconditional, and I wish them to have all the peace of mind necessary to tackle the very important matches that we will play soon, on the occasion of the upcoming Olympic Games.“, concluded JMA.

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