Gasset, mystery at OM


By: Manu Tournoux

Engaged until the end of the season with Olympique de Marseille, Jean-Louis Gasset spoke on Saturday about his situation and a possible extension.

After Marcelino and Gennaro Gattuso, Olympique de Marseille has acquired a third coach in the space of a few months this season. Appointed on February 20, Jean-Louis Gasset has so far succeeded in waking up his players and getting them back on track. If everything remains precarious, the effect that the septuagenarian has had so far on the Marseille group is positive. Enough to make him want to extend it? The coach gave his answer this Saturday.

While he signed a short contract which will end next June, Jean-Louis Gasset does not want to anticipate. Present at a press conference on Saturday, on the eve of the reception of Nantes at the Vélodrome stadium (8:45 p.m., 25th day of Ligue 1), the native of Montpellier was questioned about his famous mission within Olympique de Marseille and about his possible wish to continue the adventure a little longer than planned.

A selection rather than a club

There is a phrase that I like at the moment, it is ‘enjoy the moment’. I signed for a hundred days. People say to me: ‘Do you feel capable of…?’ I said OK, I’ll come. We do the mission. » A statement followed by a long blank, with a smirk from the OM coach. There is no doubt that Jean-Louis Gasset will take the time to think if ever Pablo Longoria were to suggest that he stay for at least another season.

As a reminder, the Marseille coach no longer wanted to be on the bench of a club all year round because he felt that the position was too demanding. He was more open to a selective role, less intrusive on family and outside life. It is in this sense that he had also agreed to take the head of Elephants of Ivory Coast, before being suddenly disembarked in the middle of the African Cup of Nations a few weeks ago. It remains to be seen whether his experience in Marseille will make him change his mind.

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