200 million euros, PSG ready for madness?


By: Manu Tournoux

According to the Spanish press, Paris Saint-Germain have sent an offer of 200 million euros for Lamine Yamal, the FC Barcelona prodigy. Offer refused by the Catalans.

Friday evening, Lamine Yamal scored his fourth goal of the season in La Liga and allowed FC Barcelona to win against Mallorca (1-0). But we didn’t wait until this week to discover the young Spanish international had crazy talent, at just 16 years old. And neither does PSG.

According to Marca, Paris Saint-Germain would simply be ready to offer 200 million euros for the Catalan prodigy. This would be the second biggest transfer in the history of football, after that of Neymar (from Barça to PSG), and ahead of that of Kylian Mbappé. And it is no coincidence that these rumors come as the Bondynois is going to leave, leaving PSG without a superstar.

Barça inflexible

Marca adds that Jorge Mendes, Lamine Yamal’s agent, met with FC Barcelona leaders this week. He informed them of PSG’s interest, and the amount that the French club would be willing to pay. But the Catalan management did not blink, since they knew that PSG was on the lookout.

For Barça, it is unthinkable to transfer Lamine Yamal, even in the event of an astronomical offer. The player is too valuable. “At Barça they say that it is the greatest value that La Masía has generated after Leo Messi”explains Marca.

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