Real Madrid: Kylian Mbappé undermined Erling Haaland’s plans


By: Manu Tournoux

In the distance duel between Kylian Mbappé (25 years old) and Erling Haaland (23 years old), the Frenchman takes the advantage at all levels. Author of 34 goals in 34 matches in all competitions, the Paris Saint-Germain player is doing better for the moment than the Norwegian, who has scored 29 goals in 30 matches this season. It should still be noted that the Manchester City star missed a few matches following an injury. In the transfer window, the Bondynois also eclipsed Haaland since it is he who will join Real Madrid this summer. A club that makes both players dream.

A message for Madrid

At the end of his contract at PSG, Mbappé chose to sign freely with Casa Blanca as announced on our site. For his part, the former Borussia Dortmund player, linked to the Merengues for a while, could only observe all this from afar. But this week, he decided to send a few messages to Madrilenians on an area that KM7 masters perfectly: communication. During a press conference, the 23-year-old spoke about his season and his return to form. Nothing too crazy so far. But when journalists asked him about his future and Real Madrid, he decided to let loose in his own way.

“I’m really happy, especially with the people around me. The manager, the directors, the board of directors, it’s an extraordinary group of people. I’m really happy, I have to say. I say it now, it will probably make headlines. You never know what the future holds tomorrow but I’m happy. You can write this but you also have to write everything I said before. I am happy.” His declaration about his future had the effect of a bombshell. Haaland has clearly left the door ajar to a departure. And for all the English press, this door will take him to Madrid.

Haaland only wants Casa Blanca

In Spain too his statements did not go unnoticed. El Chiringuito explained that the Norwegian is targeting Casa Blanca in the more or less near future. Problem is, he is under contract until 2027 with the Skyblues, who would also like to offer him a contract extension. But he still has clauses allowing him to sign for a club (non-Premier League) for a slightly more affordable fee. An amount which actually decreases year after year. If he ever had to extend his lease, Haaland would include new special clauses. But we are not there yet.

Especially since the player wants to keep all doors open to one day join the club of his dreams. This Friday, A.S. takes stock of this matter. Regarding its media release, the Spanish publication confirms that it was premeditated and clearly addressed to the Merengues. The player still has Florentino Pérez’s club in mind ensures A.S.who adds that “this operation is still current“Seeing him one day don the white tunic is therefore not impossible. Especially since his agent, who has good relations with management, has been seen on several occasions in Madrid.

Mbappé upset his plan

But A.S. indicates that the arrival of Mbappé has changed a lot of things. After the confirmation of KM7’s upcoming departure from PSG, Haaland experienced it as “a real blow”. He hoped to be able to join Madrid by 2025. His idea was to spend three seasons at Man City before leaving. Real Madrid, which inquired about the conditions for Cyborg’s departure, had also been informed during the exchanges between the two camps. With the signing of the captain of the France team, Erling Haaland’s plans fall through. At least for the moment.

Indeed, the Iberian club will have to financially assume the arrival of Kylian Mbappé, who will receive a salary more or less equivalent to Jude Bellingham. On the other hand, you will have to pay a few million for the various bonuses. This will have to be taken into account if Real Madrid ever wants to recruit Haaland in the future. The Norwegian earns a big salary in Manchester and above all, he has 100% of his image rights. Which is a thorny issue in Madrid, where the club is used to going 50/50 with the players. Mbappé should receive between 70 and 90% of his rights. Such an agreement could therefore be possible for Haaland. A footballer who always has Madrid in his heart and in his head.

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