Premier League clubs want Chelsea’s skin


By: Manu Tournoux

Times are tough at Chelsea. In the sporting field, the London club is frankly struggling. Beaten in the Carabao Cup final by Liverpool after extra time (1-0) and dropped in the Premier League, 11th, 25 points from the podium, Mauricio Pochettino cannot find the right formula. In his defense, and even if the owners have increased the number of very expensive transfers, the squad is particularly young and hampered by numerous injuries. The Argentinian has almost never been able to field the same team twice in a row.

Fans are growing tired of him and his future is starting to be discussed by his management. The thinking heads of the Blues have other concerns. Yesterday, the BlueCo 22 consortium, shareholder of the club since its takeover two years ago, posted colossal losses: €764 million. For Chelsea, losses are estimated at €105 million for the 2022/2023 financial year, before taxes. The previous year, the accounts were already in the red to the tune of €141 million. Problem is, the Premier League’s financial fair play authorizes €123 million in losses… over three years.

Chelsea owner says it will take “more realistic”

Otherwise, there is danger in the house. The club is living well beyond its means and risks heavy sanctions from the Premier League, such as a withdrawal of points for example. This was the case for Everton. First penalized by 10 points, the Toffees finally received 6 points less. It would still be a terrible humiliation for one of the most powerful institutions in the world, in addition to the sporting risk. The affair does not end. The other clubs in the championship are demanding accountability and will test the financial capabilities of their rival this summer. Understand management’s reaction to an offer from a direct competitor.

In the Daily Mailone of the owners of Chelsea confided on condition of anonymity that it will be necessary to be “more realistic” in the transfer market, ensuring that he was ready to use any situation to his advantage if it could secure him a better deal. In other words, it will be necessary to sell at all costs, as was already the case last summer with the transfers of Kai Havertz for €75 million to Arsenal and of Kovacic to Manchester City for €30 million. These two agreements will perhaps allow the Blues to be in balance this season. “I also need to be informed”Pochettino admitted at a press conference yesterday.

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