Even when he is on the sidelines, Neymar continues to make people talk about him. Since October, the Brazilian striker from Al-Hilal has been undergoing yet another period of convalescence following a ruptured cruciate knee ligament, but his every move remains under scrutiny.

Noted public appearances, publications on social networks, participation in poker tournaments: Neymar never misses the opportunity to make the news. And the Seleçao star further stirred up the internet by announcing his future participation in the “Kings World Cup”.

Neymar, the big announcement

This tournament will take place in Mexico from May 26 to June 8. Neymar responded favorably to the invitation of his friend and ex-FC Barcelona teammate, Gérard Piqué. Co-founder of the company Kosmos, the former central defender is the organizer of the event.

Oh yes, that’s what“, we can read in a post published on Instagram and referring to the famous transfer of Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017. On the side of Saudi Arabia, this project can cause discussion. Arriving with great fanfare last summer and placed as the standard-bearer of the Saudi championship, Neymar did not have much opportunity to shine under his new colors. And we will therefore have to wait for an event show to see him return to the field with this 7-a-side football tournament. With a great reward for the winner: a million dollars.