Corinne Diacre accuses, the shattering response


By: Manu Tournoux

Corinne Diacre’s clarification, published Thursday in the newspaper “L’Équipe”, brought Jean-Michel Aulas out of his silence. And its hinges.

Victim of a putsch fomented in February 2023 by several executives of the French women’s football team, Corinne Diacre was removed from her position as coach. Remaining silent for a year, the former international decided to speak out on the subject, during a long interview published Thursday in The Team. The native of Croix took the opportunity to settle a few scores and name the protagonists who, according to her, caused her to be sidelined. Jean-Michel Aulas was notably cited, which had the gift of making the former boss of Olympique Lyonnais come off his hinges.

Asked about the influence that Jean-Michel Aulas may have had in the choice to remove him from his position as coach, Corinne Diacre was very direct. “ He had much more power when Noël Le Graët resigned. It all starts from there. » For her, the current never passed, and this “ from the start, because I didn’t do what he would have wanted, what he expected regarding the players of his club “. And Corinne Deacon adds: “ I can’t say there was much communication with this gentleman. »

Aulas counterattacks

So many grievances which therefore caused the main target to react. This Friday, Jean-Michel Aulas grabbed his keyboard, connected to his favorite social network, and responded to his accuser. “ Madame Corinne Deacon accuses me of having been at the origin of her dismissal because she would not have acted in accordance with my wishes. This is not the first time that Madame Corinne Deacon has attacked me in the media (…). » And the one who works today as a delegate to the French women’s team at the FFF, then mentioned the famous commission set up at the time by the Federation, to rule on the case of Corinne Diacre.

Then he said: “ The report of this audit noted serious deficiencies in management, having led to strong tensions between the players and the coach (…). » According to Jean-Michel Aulas, “ the management of Madame Corinne Diacre has also led to an unprecedented situation in the history of women’s football, forcing the best French players to refuse to play under the blue colors as long as Madame Corinne Diacre is at the head (…) “. A scathing and shattering response from the former OL boss, which will perhaps spark a new counter-attack from Corinne Diacre.

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