An English icon makes fun of the France team


By: Manu Tournoux

A former England international thinks that Didier Deschamps’ selection is not cut out to win the Euro in Germany.

The French team has not won the Euro since 2000. And, some observers also see it failing this year in Germany despite undeniable potential.

On the English channel Sky Sports, Paul Merson, former player of the Three Lions (21 caps), estimated that the Blues are not the main favorites for the continental Grail. And that it would rather be his country which is in the best position to triumph.

The French team lacking talent?

“The Euro? I don’t see how we wouldn’t win. France only has two players entering our team”, he declared in an arrogant tone. The two players he referred to are probably Antoine Griezmann and Kylian Mbappé.

These kinds of comments are enough to motivate the Tricolores in view of the competition planned for this summer. The barbs from England always help them to surpass themselves. This had already been the case during the last World Cup. Manhandled by the British press, Hugo Lloris responded on the pitch by signing a very high level match.

The English are showing off behind the scenes. But, it is worth remembering that their last success over France in a major tournament dates back to more than four decades ago. It was during the 82 World Cup in Spain. And that did not prevent them from being knocked out of the tournament well before the Blues.

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