Real Madrid’s biggest refereeing scandals


By: Manu Tournoux

Last night, Real Madrid qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League. On its lawn, the White House held a draw against RB Leipzig. A match which could have taken a different turn if the referee had brought out the red for Vinicius. Going to press Vilmos Tamás Orban, the Brazilian star pushes the Hungarian defender in the back. But when number 4 gets up, Vinicius pushes him to the ground. For Italian referee David Massa, this irritation only deserves a simple yellow, causing shock and anger among the players of the German club.

Ironically, it was the Real Madrid striker who scored Real Madrid’s only goal of the match shortly after, synonymous with qualification for the quarter-finals. If this new arbitration scandal linked to Real Madrid is making noise, it is not the first time that the Madrid club has been at the heart of contentious situations, often in its favor. Here is an overview of the biggest scandals around the Merengue club.

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