OM-Villarreal: fans excited, fireworks announced!


By: Manu Tournoux

The round of 16 first leg of the Europa League between Olympique de Marseille and Villarreal promises to be thrilling this Thursday (9 p.m.).

History will remember that in three short matches, Olympique de Marseille scored more goals than in the entire start of the calendar year. Propelled onto the bench of the Marseille club to take over from Marcelino, Jean-Louis Gasset did not miss his debut.

The main positive lesson of Gasset’s mandate concerns the regained confidence of the attackers, from Aubameyang to Ndiaye. A good omen before challenging Marcelino’s Villarreal in the round of 16 first leg Europa Leaguethis Thursday evening (kick-off at 9 p.m.).

Gasset announces the color

Called to express himself on his offensive strike force, Jean-Louis Gasset did not put himself forward. “ It’s the confidence of the attackers, the players who come off the bench because they are in good spirits, have understood that we are playing five matches in two weeks and that we have to rest people to have a fresh team . When they come in and score, they do their job and apply for the next game. Afterwards, it is confidence that makes an attacker try something he would not have tried. »

The OM coach explains this renewal “ through work, putting them in their position, making them achieve things without opposition, very simple things, putting them where they like to be, showing them areas of progress via video.” “That’s a lot of stuff in a short time. We need to talk to the group first and to the young players of the future to calm them down. What we did is good, but we can do very well. I told the players, we’re not there yet. The ball doesn’t burn our feet, we play better and better, in different ways. We have a lot of good solutions if everyone has the right timing. » An explosive cocktail which could still make the powder speak at the Vélodrome, this Thursday evening.

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