Moumbagna VS Riolo, the clash


By: Manu Tournoux

Among footballers, Daniel Riolo has made several enemies. The latest seems to be Faris Moumbagna.

On January 20, Olympique de Marseille recruited Faris Moumbagna from FK Bodø/Glimt, a Norwegian club. The Cameroonian international (six caps with the Indomitable Lions) is now linked to the Marseille club for the next four seasons. At the time, Daniel Riolo really didn’t seem excited about his recruitment.

“You ask people who see everyone play, scouts. It’s going to be very difficult to find just one to say good things about these three (Garcia, Onana and Moumbagna). What we say about them is that we don’t understand. I didn’t see it, I can only refer to what people say, but I can’t stop at that. We’ll see, maybe they’re not as bad as I’m told. But what I’ve been told is super creepy.”declared the sports journalist on the airwaves of RMC.

“The mother in Riolo, the father in Riolo”

At the beginning of the week, Faris Moumbagna responded by publishing a story with the following words as background music: “The mother in Riolo, the father in Riolo”. These appear on Booba’s title “Dolce Camara”, featuring SDM. It is the latter, a 28-year-old artist invited on this piece by the “Duke of Boulogne”, who insults the editorialist.

Daniel Riolo hardly appreciated this post on social networks. “I enjoy the songs and the messages quite a bit, but I admit I don’t understand. I never talked about Moumbagna… What’s the problem? Once I quoted people who were talking about him. But I have zero opinion on him… He let himself be taken advantage of by the idiots on the network, poor guy”lamented Gilbert Brisbois’ sidekick on X, with laughing emojis.

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