“He’s a kid”, Vinicius annoys everyone


By: Manu Tournoux

Real Madrid legend Predrag Mijatovic has once again asked Vinicius Junior to stop the “childishness”, after the Brazilian escaped a red card during the Champions League match against RB Leipzig.

The Brazilian scored the winning goal with a superb finish, but all everyone talked about after the match was how lucky he was not to leave his team reduced to ten men just before the goal. Overall, Los Blancos’ performance was poor, as they qualified for the next round 2-1 on aggregate against the German side, who had 34 shots on goal overall. of the two matches. Mijatovic said the best approach was to make a clean sweep of the past.

“The only thing we can hold on to is the qualification, the rest it’s better to erase everything. Even the analysis of this match cannot bring anything positive”. While at no point did Mijatovic descend into the hysteria that some commentators have in Spain, he was clear that Vinicius needed to correct his attitude.

“The Real Madrid jersey does not tolerate this type of behavior, maybe another team’s jersey tolerates it, maybe in another team they say OK, but not in Real Madrid“, Mijatovic told Cadena SER. “ Vinicius must find a way to calm down. Otherwise, he will never become a legendary player, despite all the good he does in terms of football. Vinicius is an unpredictable player, which is good, but the problem is that he is unpredictable to his own teammates.”

Mijatovic loses patience

“You see his teammates coaching him and trying to calm him down, like they’re talking to a child. They also tell you (within the club), without asking, that he needs to change his attitude because he irritates opponents and even his own teammates. »

Vinicius himself has addressed this subject in the past, stating that he wanted to have more composure, while Carlo Ancelotti has also repeatedly asked his star striker to limit his outbursts. Vinicius’ behavior was less prone to such episodes as he reached adolescence, although it is understandable that he learned to bristle in the face of a challenge, given the racial abuse he suffered during the last years.

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