Blue: Deacon throws out names! These players with whom the current did not flow


By: Manu Tournoux

Corinne Diacre let go of her truths when talking about her chaotic experience on the bench of the French women’s team.

Often criticized during her mandate at the head of the France team, Corinne Diacre cracked the armor in a long interview given to L’Équipe this week. The technician returns with transparency to her conflicting relationships with certain players of the French group.

A group in which Wendie Renard, captain at the origin of his departure, obviously emerges at the top of the list in his mind. “As she is the captain, we listened to her. In fact, it was his word against mine. But as she had support from the Federation, and not me… I was told that many players had spoken out about feeling unwell in the France team. What discomfort? I was told that treatment times ended at 9 p.m., that we couldn’t talk, little things like that. It’s true that there are times to exchange. Afterwards, the girls can also come to me. It’s not one-way. But in fact, there was something behind it. I also link this to the Hamraoui affair. At one point, I took a stand for the one who was attacked. This did not please other players. When it was necessary to rally the cause of their captain, some joined in on that. »

“With Diani, as with some, it was difficult”

When addressing this Hamraoui affair, Deacon referred to the two stars who imitated Renard in his sling: Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadidiatou Diani.

With Katoto, we had problems in the past, because I did not take her for the 2019 World Cup. Behind, I explained it and I gave her arguments. I told him: “We said things to each other and now we’re moving on.” She nodded. With Diani, as with some, it was difficult. I sometimes went up to her to talk, but it didn’t go further than “yes, no, it’s okay”. We didn’t pull the worms out of their noses. If they don’t want to talk, they don’t talk. Afterwards, I was criticized for a lack of communication. But the first steps have been taken…“. Obviously, these players had reached a point of no return with the technician.

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