Barça: Laporta’s strong message


By: Manu Tournoux

Joan Laporta is today celebrating three years at the helm of FC Barcelona. The leader of Barça, already president from 2003 to 2010, took over the club in 2021 after the financial scandals of Josep Maria Bartomeu. This morning, Joan Laporta published an open letter to his supporters in the Catalan newspaper Sport to take stock of his three years of presidency. He first begins by congratulating his teams without whom “the “miracle” of saving the entity from the shipwreck would not have been possible”. The Barça president praises his economic record: “Barça’s growth over the last three years is an objective reality after restoring the club economically with a clear improvement in income, a reduction in the sports payroll, which went from 98% of its income in the 2020 season /2021 at 57% on the current season ». To improve economic performance, the Catalan leader is banking on the new stadium.

“The central project of our mandate is Espai Barça, with the new Spotify Camp Nou at its helm, an essential project to keep FC Barcelona at the head of world football and become one of the pillars of the economic viability of the club . We are talking about a new stadium to continue winning, sportingly and economically. It will be the best stadium in the world, the culminating dream of all Barcelona fans., he always mentions in his letter. To conclude it, Joan Laporta calls for the unity of the supporters: “Barça only has us, the Barcelona fans. And we must close ranks, more united than ever, because we do not have and we do not want to have behind us powerful states or millionaires who want to control the club. Our strength comes from our identity, our history and our ownership model.”

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