Gasset reveals Aubameyang secret


By: Manu Tournoux

Jean-Louis Gasset, Marseille manager, explained how he gave Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang confidence.

Jean-Louis Gasset has had an idyllic start as Marseille coach. With him, the Marseille team won three matches and scored 12 goals in the process. And among the major players in this rebound is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Speaking at a press conference this Wednesday, before the C3 match against Villarreal, Gasset highlighted the way in which he was able to get the best out of the Gabonese striker. “Auba is a great player, a great person, a goalscorer. He likes game situations, he likes to position himself… And that’s where we put him. The skill, the sense of purpose, the generosity… he has it. We just had to position him where he likes to be, where he likes to leave to be on the crosses. I have known him for a long time,e know its starting and ending points. I called the people he worked with before. The mentality and the talent are unanimous.”

Gasset works on group confidence

Gasset also insisted on the fact that he ensures that everyone remains mobilized and in a good state of mind, not just the usual starters: “The confidence of the attackers, the players who come off the bench who bring what is needed. They understood that we needed everyone, we had to rest the players on the pitch to have a fresh team. When they come in and score, they do their job and apply for the next game. “

He then concluded by indicating that he gives a lot of importance to the emotional side. “ We work. We do simple things. When the player knows that we know him, that we are going to help him progress, that we show him how to progress… The young player says to himself: ‘wow he knows me’, that’s a lot of things but it was necessary, to relax them.”

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