Luis Enrique, the terrible accusations


By: Manu Tournoux

In turmoil as rarely since the Monaco match, Luis Enrique was the target of very harsh comments made by Daniel Riolo on Monday.

Luis Enrique has ringing ears. Pointed out several times in recent weeks, the PSG coach has been harshly criticized in recent days following his decision to replace Kylian Mbappé at half-time of the match against Monaco on Friday. The fault, essentially, is his justifications at the end of the meeting.

Monday, on the eve of the Champions League clash against Real Sociedad, the Spanish technician seemed to have fun with the situation, increasing his provocations in front of the press. Enough to irritate Daniel Riolo a little more, who took shots at the former midfielder at the RMC microphone. “I don’t want to vulgarly shoot him, I just want to say what I think of him since he’s been here, of his work and of what I call the permanent rant. From statements which, quite honestly if they were made by another coach, would be denounced by others. I think that Paris Saint-Germain cannot have a coach with such communication and such permanent mush in what he offers”he said to begin with.

“He has no great human value”

“He’s a person I don’t like. Humanly, I don’t like him. I don’t like what he gives off, I don’t think he’s a good person. I think he’s an extremely pretentious person who doesn’t have much human value, he added. I haven’t said that often in 18 years of After. I think he’s a copycat and a spiritual child of Guardiola like there are many.”

And the RMC polemicist continues by pointing out the tactical inconsistencies of the former midfielder. “Normally, it’s already impossible to find a lineup of Luis Enrique… But here, I would never risk it… What Luis Enrique is doing makes no sense and not only in relation to Mbappé but in relation to team in general. I’ve been saying for months that I don’t understand anything about what this coach is doing. I still don’t understand anything. I don’t understand his compositional game,” he continued, adding: “There was an eleven at the start of the season which pleased everyone. He decided to go all out by acting as if he was already banking on next year when the Champions League will resume. »

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