Barcola among the Blues, it’s validated


By: Manu Tournoux

Holder in the system set up by Luis Enrique at PSG, Bradley Barcola is applying for a place in the France A team. Some validate this possibility.

By moving from Olympique Lyonnais to Paris Saint-Germain last summer, Bradley Barcola gave a new dimension to his career. If the challenge did not look easy to convince Luis Enrique to offer him a starting place within the Parisian team, the native of Lyon was able to impose himself and earn his stripes. From now on, the left winger sees further and would like Didier Deschamps to call on him.

Selected twelve times for the Espoirs, Bradley Barcola hopes to take a new step with the French team by moving to the A. “ I’m happy with what I can offer todayexplained the player. It took a long time, but today I’m happy with what I’ve managed to do, afterwards I know that the French team will be through my performances. So I’m going to be the best I can be on the pitch and if it has to happen, it will happen. »

No less good than Dembélé

A vision of things shared by Bertrand Latour. “ He is right to believe it, because the Blues staff necessarily follow what he does. When you are so young, a starter at PSG, one of the best at PSG even if there is competition up front and on the wings, you are inevitably a legitimate contender for the France team. He’s a player you really need to follow and who has every chance. » The channel’s journalist The Team is not the only one to think that.

Former Toulouse player, Matthieu Dossevi agreed: “ He has reached a milestone. He arrived on tiptoe, he had difficulty, too shy. And then he transformed. When we see that (Ousmane) Dembélé is still summoned, at the moment he is not inferior to him, so he can very well apply for a place with the Blues. » Didier Deschamps will reveal his list for the matches of March 22 (Germany) and March 26 (Chile) in a week.

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