FC Barcelona: the players are starting to get scared!


By: Manu Tournoux

The situation is tough in Barcelona. Xavi’s team is having a fairly disappointing season so far, both in terms of results and the game on the pitch. It would take a real miracle to see the Barcelona side win La Liga, and more or less the same for the Champions League, even if mathematically the club is still in the running in both competitions. A coach who cannot find solutions, players who for the most part underperform compared to what they are capable of, and a Barça which clearly no longer scares much. Not to mention the terrible financial problems that the institution of the Condal City

And now everyday life Sport reveals a little bomb. The Barcelona media explains that the club is going through a period of great doubt. But this time, these doubts do not come from the fans or the press, but from the players. The latter believe in particular that the timing of the announcement of Xavi’s decision to leave was perhaps not ideal, and many players also fear the appointment of the future coach, wondering if they will be important with the next tenant from the Blaugrana bench. Many of the players are actually from Barcelona today because Xavi insisted to management that they be recruited.

Doubts everywhere

They are worried about their future, which will depend on the next tactician who takes charge, but not only that. Members of the Barcelona locker room are also aware that the club’s financial situation is deplorable, and that it is very likely that Joan Laporta and Deco will be forced to sell one or more major players for purely financial reasons. Frenkie de Jong or Ronald Araujo, for example, are part of this category of players who could be pushed towards the door against their will.

Beyond these purely individual considerations, the players were rather satisfied with Xavi and will therefore be particularly attentive to the choice of management. The players also know that the outcome of the match against Naples risks being decisive for their future, but also for that of the club, since elimination would have terrible consequences…

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