Christophe Jallet can’t get enough of Luis Enrique!


By: Manu Tournoux

The former PSG defender does not understand the way Luis Enrique manages his star Kylian Mbappé.

Luis Enrique and Kylian Mbappé spoke to each other and explained each other. It is said that the two men have returned to better feelings and that everything is back to normal at PSG. Their recent skirmish, however, continues to make headlines in the media.

Sunday evening, it was a certain Christophe Jallet who gave his opinion on the subject. During the Canal Football Club show, he was very critical of the Spanish coach. “It absolutely does not hold (what Luis Enrique does, editor’s note). He talks to us about next season, but Mbappé is still here for six months and we have to take advantage of it. It is on him that we must rely. »

“Luis Enrique doesn’t care about us!” »

The former PSG player also doesn’t understand the talk of constantly talking about the upcoming season. “Luis Enrique, if he wanted to prepare for next season, why didn’t he take him out against Brest when he was injured. Why has he only released it since he made the announcement? He doesn’t care a little about us, yes”he cursed.

Asked about Mbappé, with whom he met briefly in the selection, Jallet judges that he has nothing to reproach himself for. “Obviously, Mbappé’s decision to leave called everything into question. But he was honest with the club. He warned them early enough. »

Because of this story, the former full-back is worried about the end of the Parisian season: “The only loser is PSG, they have nothing to gain in this story. Obviously, this will create clans. Pro-Mbappé and pro-Enrique. Everyone will be destabilized. »

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