Manchester United, the despair of former glory


By: Manu Tournoux

If he led the score, Manchester United was then crushed by its neighbor City, this Sunday at the Etihad Stadium (3-1). Enough to make Roy Keane react.

He is part of this generation which experienced the finest hours of Manchester United at the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 21st century. Historic midfielder Red Devils under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson, Roy Keane helplessly witnesses the crossing of the desert that his former club has been experiencing for more than ten years. Now a consultant, the former Irish international was present on Sunday to follow the Mancunian derby. And the slap United finally received did not leave him speechless.

Accustomed to making himself heard when he was captain of Manchester, the fifty-two-year-old man lost nothing at this level and with his own words, he summarized the day’s meeting, on the antenna of Sky Sports. “ I don’t want to be too hard on United because City have been brilliant. They showed why they were champions. That do City is that it finds all your little flaws. It’s impossible to hide. It’s like a boxing ring. They put them on the ground. »

little boys

And Roy Keane continued: “ Manchester United will have to take their medicine this evening. But the question of where this team is going remains up in the air. During the last twenty-five minutes, they were eaten by City who played with them. It was men against little boys at the end and they just stood there. They could take four or five. »

For the consultant, the problems are still unresolved at Manchester United and decisions may have to be made. “ This team always asks questions, and unfortunately it’s the same for the coach. » In the Premier League standings, City occupies second place, one point behind the Liverpool leader. Manchester United are sixth, six points behind fifth and last European place.

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