Bellingham, Real Madrid sees red


By: Manu Tournoux

Jude Bellingham thought he had scored the winning goal on Saturday evening against Valencia FC (2-2), but the Real Madrid striker saw his goal invalidated and collected a red. His club will appeal.

The end of the meeting between Valencia FC and Real Madrid on Saturday at Mestalla was tense. While the Madrilenians managed to get back on track after being down by two goals, Jude Bellingham found the net in the last second, thus thinking of giving the Merengue victory. Yes, but now the referee canceled his goal, indicating that he had whistled the end of the match just before. Result: general confusion on the pitch, vehement protest from Real players and staff, and a red card for Jude Bellingham who was a little too vindictive for Mr. Manzano’s taste. Madrid decided to appeal.

According to information released on Sunday by A.S., the Spanish club is particularly upset against the multiple decisions of the referee of the match, and in particular this red card awarded to Jude Bellingham. Madrid would not understand this direct sanction following the words of the England international who told the man with the whistle that it was a “ fucking goal », words that he would have repeated several times, according to the Spanish media.

“It’s a fucking goal”

Bellingham’s words are even detailed by A.S. : “ It’s a f**king goal. The ball is in the air. What the hell is this! » A sentence pronounced in his native language by the former Borussia Dortmund player, provoking the immediate sanction of Mr. Manzano. If this red card were to be confirmed, Jude Bellingham would at least miss the matches against Celta Vigo and Osasuna. And if the verdict is heavier, he could even miss a third match, in this case that of March 31 against Athletic Bilbao.

In his report, the referee explained in writing the reason for his decision regarding the Englishman: “ At minute 999 (sic), the Bellingham player, Jude Victor William, was sent off for the following reason: after the end of the match and still on the playing field, he approached me with an aggressive attitude and shouted, repeating several times ‘It’s a fucking goal’. » Finally, note that Jude Bellingham himself, and Carlo Ancelotti, confirmed the veracity of the comments made by the player.

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