Thomas Tuchel’s Bayern Munich is still sick…


By: Manu Tournoux

Bayern Munich still can’t do it. In a crisis of results since the start of the season, dropped by Bayer Leverkusen in the league and with his back against the wall on the European scene after his defeat (0-1) against Lazio in the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League, the Bavarian club continues with disappointments. Friday evening, Thomas Tuchel’s men – who has already announced his departure next June – once again disappointed. However, the victory snatched against RB Leipzig last weekend gave some reason for hope to the Munich residents. In vain. Opposed to Fribourg, Harry Kane’s teammates could not do better than a draw (2-2) at the opening of the 24th day of the Bundesliga. With this new hitch, the Recorder could also allow Bayer Leverkusen to take a 10-step lead in the event of success for Xabi Alonso’s players in Cologne on Sunday (3:30 p.m.). Enough to compromise, a little more, a possible twelfth consecutive title of German champion.

Quickly trailing after a goal from Christian Günter (1-0, 12th), Bayern Munich still had the merit of reacting at the Europa-Park Stadion. For his first start of the season in the Bundesliga, Mathys Tel then woke up his team with a shot into the top corner (1-1, 35th). In the second half, the reigning champion pushed, and if Harry Kane did not have his usual precision despite opportunities (47th, 63rd) it was still an individual action, with Jamal Musiala’s festival between 4 opponents and his curled shot, which Bayern took the lead (1-2, 75th). Yes, but there you have it, symbol of a team lacking confidence, marked by the events of the start of the season, the Bavarians finally broke down in the final moments of this meeting. After a long touch from Kiliann Sildillia, Michael Gregoritsch put the ball back on Lucas Höler who, with a volley from the left in a pivot, deceived the vigilance of Manuel Neuer (2-2, 87th). Final score: 2-2 (37 cumulative shots). Questioned at the final whistle, Thomas Tuchel then tried to justify this new disillusionment.

Tuchel and the harakiri…

“We didn’t play a good first half hour and we were deservedly behind. We played completely without structure, far too undisciplined and we were not in our positions at all. We lost balls while moving forward and we invited them to counter. We showed a good reaction and we had a good second half with a lot of chances. Then we sabotaged ourselves”first indicated the German technician at the microphone of Sky Sport before detailing: “I don’t think it’s a question of will. I saw efforts in the first half. But it was undisciplined in the positions and it was sometimes hara-kiri (Japanese way of committing suicide by cutting open one’s stomach, editor’s note). We did things we never practiced, never talked about. We actually played like it was the 85th minute and we were down 1-0. (…) I don’t think it’s due to will or effort. We played headless for the first half hour and we were punished for that. (…) The second half was OK. But clearly, we can say in the end that half-time is not enough if we come here to want to win..

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Continuing the frustration displayed by the former PSG coach, Jamal Musiala (21 years old) also expressed his disappointment with the club’s current situation. “We fought, we had a lot of chances, it’s a shame. It’s really boring how things are going right now – for me personally, for all of us. We all want to win. We want to be champions, we want to win titles. We just want to stay as positive as possible, move forward and play the best we can until the end to maybe get something out of it.”. If the road to recovery still seems long, Bayern Munich will in any case quickly have to forget this last failed dress rehearsal and find the necessary resources to save its skin in the Champions League (0-1 defeat in the 8th of final first leg against Lazio). Definitive answer, Tuesday evening, at the stroke of 11 p.m. at the Allianz Arena…

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