Real Madrid knows the price of its next recruit


By: Manu Tournoux

Real Madrid have been heavily linked with Canadian left-back Alphonso Davies in recent months, and this week he reportedly gave his verbal consent to join Los Blancos.

Bayern have not yet given up hope of renewing his contract, but have set Los Blancos’ asking price for left-back Alphonso Davies. If Davies has indeed agreed to join Real, it remains for Bayern and the Spanish giants to negotiate a price.

Bayern made no secret that they did not want to lose Davies for free, “condemning him to a deal” as they say in Spain. According to BILD, as reported by Marca, Bayern have set the asking price for Davies at €70 million.

More expensive than expected

This is much more than the figures previously put forward, with some saying that Los Blancos want to start negotiations at 30-35 million euros, and others saying the deal could be done around 45-50 million euros. .

It’s a safe bet that the final price will fall within this range. Real Madrid have all the leverage, given that Davies’ contract expires next summer, but Bayern, as they showed with Robert Lewandowski two years ago, will negotiate hard.

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