“Mbappé lives for the cameras”


By: Manu Tournoux

The images of Kylian Mbappé, after his early replacement on Friday during Monaco-PSG, caused reactions. And not always in a positive way.

The match and the result of Friday evening’s opposition between AS Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain have taken a back seat. Since the break in this meeting, the moment chosen by Luis Enrique to replace Kylian Mbappé, there has been only talk of this episode and what followed. Returning in street clothes to sit in the stands of Louis II and follow the second period next to his mother, the PSG striker expressed his disappointment in his own way. But not everyone necessarily joined.

In addition to the numerous negative testimonies from supporters, certain observers also delivered their analysis, sometimes not to the advantage of Kylian Mbappé. On the chain The Team, Giovanni Castaldi, for example, gave his clear opinion on the episode, and more generally, on the propensity that the French international would have to capture the attention of the cameras. “ When we see him come out, we say to ourselves that he wants to show that he is not injured. He responds to Luis Enrique’s choice and he wants to show it. Afterwards, on the behavior, he made a fuss. I understand that this is to hide the fact that he is affected, but there are more things that shock me in Kylian Mbappé’s season than that. »

Luis Enrique should have released him earlier in the season »

And Carine Galli’s companion continued: “ I sometimes saw behavior during meetings… And even his level… I find that in fact, Luis Enrique should have taken out Kylian Mbappé earlier in the season. As much as there is nothing to say on a statistical level about Mbappé, I find that in the content of his matches, he is not having a very great season. But it’s more the attitude during the matches that shocked me than this evening where he responded to a provocation. »

The journalist concluded his remarks by putting all the protagonists in the affair back to back. “ I find that Paris Saint-Germain is ridiculous in its attitude since Kylian Mbappé announced his departure and Mbappé is doing Mbappé, he is his star, he lives for the cameras, he is like that, it doesn’t shock me any more than this tonight. »

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