Maradona’s unfulfilled dream revealed


By: Manu Tournoux

Diego Maradona Jr has just revealed the objective his father had as a coach.

Diego Jr became closer to Diego Maradona as an adult. He is therefore well placed in the ambitions that the “Padre” had set for himself. Although he had the chance to lead his country’s selection, El Pibe Del Oro did not have the privilege of coaching to whom he was closest.

Maradona Jr spoke to Il Corriere della Sera: “He was in love with Naples. He told me, about the first Scudetto, that the joy was unbearable because he had the impression of having won for an entire city and that he was convinced that that day was the pinnacle of happiness for him. His dream was to coach Napoli.”

Maradona was crazy about Naples

Failing to be able to coach Naples, Maradona was able to give his name to the Partenopei stadium. However, it was not until its disappearance that the enclosure was renamed thus.

As a reminder, Maradona died tragically in 2020 at the age of only 60. The actual circumstances of his death have still not been disclosed.

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