Incredible: a ghost scores in the Bundesliga (video)


By: Manu Tournoux

The 24th day of the Bundesliga gave rise to a not ordinary scene this Saturday.

Traveling to the Heidenheim field, Frankfurt won there this Saturday for the 24e act of the Bundesliga (1-2). However, it was a very strange goal which allowed the visitors to take the lead in this part.

On a confident back pass from Gimber, Muller, the local goalkeeper, was surprised by an unpredictable rebound, missing his clearance and seeing the ball roll into his net.

No mole a priori on the lawn of the Voith-Arena. Some will see the malice of a ghost surface fox skilled in the execution of the flick…

In the standings, Eintracht remains sixth, six and seven points behind Leipzig and Dortmund who at the same time were able to dispose of Bochum (1-4) and Union Berlin (0-2).

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