Daniel Riolo totally smashes Luis Enrique


By: Manu Tournoux

Sometimes reprimanded by journalists for his provocative attitude, Paris Saint-Germain coach Luis Enrique has not only made friends since his arrival. Editorialist Daniel Riolo is one of his detractors, and has criticized the attitude of the Spanish coach. “He’s a person I don’t like. Humanly, I don’t like him. I don’t like what he gives off, I don’t think he’s a good person. I think he’s an extremely pretentious person who doesn’t have much human value. I haven’t said that often in 18 years of After. I think he’s a copycat and a spiritual child of Guardiola like there are plenty of them”launched the columnist in After Foot on RMC

And to add: “there are lots of acts in a circus: it starts with Mr. Loyal, then you have the trapeze artists, the clowns, the dog trainer, the horses, the jugglers… We still have several months of circus, we don’t know is only at the beginning. I think we may still have other numbers. There will be a sequel in the Champions League. Normally, it’s already impossible to find a lineup of Luis Enrique… But here, I would never risk it… What Luis Enrique is doing makes no sense and not only in relation to Mbappé but in relation to the team in general. I’ve been saying for months that I don’t understand anything about what this coach is doing. I still don’t understand anything. I don’t understand his composition game. There was an eleven at the start of the season which pleased everyone. He decided to go all out by acting as if he was already banking on next year when the Champions League will resume.. Atmosphere…

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