Barça: Xavi debunks rumors about his future


By: Manu Tournoux

After a heavy 5-3 defeat at home against Villarreal at the end of last January, Xavi made his future departure from FC Barcelona official. “I would like to announce that on June 30, I will no longer continue as coach of Barça. I think the situation needs to change course and, as a culer, I cannot allow the current situation”. An announcement which surprised, especially since Barça has been doing better. So much so that Spanish rumors explained that the Catalan technician could reverse his decision.

But that would require a lot of conditions, especially since FC Barcelona has already started looking for a successor. At a press conference before a trip to Bilbao, Xavi Hernandez was clear about his future: “To date, nothing has changed, there is no problem. No change, I move forward step by step and we think of Bilbao”.

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