Strong words from Nemanja Matic on Rennes


By: Manu Tournoux

Serbian OL midfielder Nemanja Matic spoke this Friday about his former club Rennes.

Nemanja Matic only stayed six months at Stade Rennais. The experienced Serbian midfielder could not continue with the club and that is why he chose to join OL in the middle of the winter transfer window.

Matic, however, harbors no resentment towards the SRFC. Quite the contrary. He only says good things about it. “ In fact, it is very simple. To be honest, I liked Rennes, the club and the people there. I think it’s a fantastic club, especially for young players who can develop there, he indicated. I must say that, professionally, I felt really good there. They integrated me in the same way it was done here. »

For Matic, there was “only one problem” in Rennes

And he then bid by confiding: “In football terms it was only positive. The only problem is that I have three children and they are used to going to an international English-medium school. We couldn’t find that in Rennes, that was the only problem. »

The former Mancunian concluded by indicating that it was unimaginable for him to continue doing without a job while his family was not feeling well. “As a professional, I cannot be 100% focused if my children are not happy and are not acclimatizing well. That was the only problem although for me it was a big problem because we agreed that family comes first. »

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