Pavard, the story bounces back among the Blues


By: Manu Tournoux

Full of confidence since joining Inter Milan, Benjamin Pavard will once again become a pillar of the France team, according to a former French international.

While he was initially not expected as a starter, Benjamin Pavard took advantage of different circumstances to establish himself as a starter in the French team, during the 2018 World Cup. Training central defender , the former VfB Stuttgart had agreed without hesitation to help out on the right side. With a real success punctuated in particular by a masterful goal scored against Argentina before the Blues won the competition organized in Russia. But then the situation deteriorated.

Over the months and years that followed, the player made Didier Deschamps understand that he preferred to play as a central hinge. A request that the French coach did not really hear, to the point that a divorce occurred between the two parties at the start of the 2022 World Cup. No longer as sharp at club with Bayern Munich, Benjamin Pavard suddenly found himself downgraded with the Blues, with whom he played a role throughout the Qatari World Cup. Six months later, his transfer to Inter Milan shook up everything.

“He will do the job”

Once again, the situation has changed for the native of Maubeuge. His rise in power within the Milan squad makes him one of the most essential French defenders of the moment. For Benoît Trémoulinas, the matter is even settled: Benjamin Pavard has once again become an element that Didier Deschamps will not be able to do without at Euro 2024. The former international explained this on Wednesday on the set of the channel The Team. “ His level is not the same as during the World Cup. (…) There, clearly, there is nothing to say. He regained his confidence. »

A return to form which should benefit everyone, the consultant then explained. “ And even if we ask him to play on the right, and even if he will perhaps balk, with the level of confidence he has at Inter, he will do the job. It’s a certainty. In football, when you have confidence you can play anywhere. » Good news for Didier Deschamps who continues to have resource problems on this famous defensive right side.

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