Mbappé, the big tackle for Luis Enrique


By: Manu Tournoux

After his strong remarks made at a press conference on the post-Mbappé era, Luis Enrique was smashed by Jérôme Rothen.

“What I can say is that if everything goes well, I think, I hope and I am convinced that we will have an even much better team next season than we had this season. I have no doubt about that. On all points of view. In defense in attack, physically, technically and tactically. I have no doubt about that.”. During a press conference on the eve of the clash between AS Monaco and PSG, Luis Enrique suggested that his team will be even better without Kylian Mbappé next season.

Statements which did not fail to provoke a reaction. On the airwaves of RMC, Jérôme Rothen blasted the Spanish coach regarding his management of the Mbappé case, who, we recall, decided to leave Paris Saint-Germain free at the end of the season.

“It’s free, it’s mean”

“What I don’t understand is the little barbs like that for quite a while now. There was the change against Rennes which caused a lot of talk… It’s not the first jab he’s given him. But there, as luck would have it, things have gotten worse since he announced his departure. This is what bothers me in Luis Enrique’s communication. (…) It’s gratuitous, it’s mean and there will be no positive impact on the rest of the season”lamented the former Parisian.

And Rothen adds another layer: “ You’re still far from achieving the very high goals at the start of the year. There is a lot of pressure on PSG for this year. Are you coming to tell us about next year? What’s more, it’s totally false and, once again, it’s gratuitous and mean. This has the effect of potentially robbing Kylian Mbappé. »

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