Lewandowski’s touching message to Xavi


By: Manu Tournoux

Robert Lewandowski would have liked to work much longer with his current coach at Barça, Xavi.

FC Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski admits he feels sorry for his manager Xavi.

Xavi will step down at the end of the season after a difficult campaign in which he was extremely criticized.

Lewandowski told club media: “Xavi will be our coach until the end of the season and for us it is very important to be invested in being able to do our job. I understand that Xavi went through a difficult stage and was very emotional. He was a former Barcelona player and he is the coach of Barça.”

Lewandowski supports Xavi

“It’s very difficult for Xavi because he’s also very emotional, Lewy continued.. For him, Barcelona is more than a club. I understand that it must not be easy for his family either. We have to play together, go in the same direction and win matches.”

Concerning his personal case, the Pole declared : “I’ve been at Barça for a year and a half and I feel very good. I won and scored a lot of goals. I am very, very happy and very satisfied. Right now I think we need to score more goals and win more matches. We are at a moment where we can not only win, but also play better. We now have important matches and I hope we go from victory to victory.”

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