A former Galactico drops a bombshell: “Zidane wants OM”


By: Manu Tournoux

A former teammate of Zinédine Zidane at Real Madrid believes the French legend dreams of taking charge of his hometown club.

Zinedine Zidane future coach of OM? The rumor has just been revived. While some strongly doubted the possibility of seeing the French legend accept a challenge at the Vélodrome, a statement from one of his former teammates gives hope to Olympian fans. Coaching Marseille is one of the three missions that could lead ZZ to return to his profession.

The one who spilled the beans was Thomas Gravesen, Zidane’s former partner at Real Madrid. Called by Discovery+ to give his opinion on the chances of seeing the 1998 Ballon d’Or land at MU to succeed Erik Ten Hag, he replied: “I spoke with Zidane in Madrid two years ago and he told me there were only three positions he would like to accept. And these are Marseille, Madrid and the French team.”

OM is one of the three destinations prioritized by Zidane

“I was in Madrid two years ago and that’s exactly what he told me. I also asked him if he was ready to become a coach again. And there, he told me that there were only possibilities for these three,” he added.

Gravesen does not specify whether the order he chose is that of Zidane’s preferences, but it is clearly good news for the Olympians. Obviously, the return of the child prodigy to La Canebière can only happen if all the conditions to build a great team are met. This certainly requires a redemption on the part of the Saudis.

The Dane then concluded by indicating that Zidane would take a very big risk by arriving at Old Trafford: “I would say the team he had in Madrid was fantastic and he proved he was ready from the start. At United the situation is different, it is very difficult to do something with the team that Erik ten Hag is building at the moment.”

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