Vinicius, scandal on Netflix


By: Manu Tournoux

The Mestalla club is the only one to refuse access to its stadium to the Brazilian production team Conspiraçao, whose documentary should be released in 2025.

A team has been working for months on a new documentary about Vinicius Junior which should be released in 2025. The project is a collaboration between Netflix and the Brazilian production company Conspiraçao, which looks at the life of one of the the most prominent players in modern football.

Several episodes of the documentary are in preparation. It follows the player from his childhood in Brazil, his time at Flamengo and his transfer to Real Madrid. Racism is addressed in the various episodes, but does not form the basis of the documentary, which is scheduled for release next year.

Return to Mestalla

Interest in the film has increased with the news that Netflix has been informed that it will not be possible to film at the Mestalla next Saturday, when Valencia CF and Real Madrid meet in the 27th LaLiga day. It will be the first time that the Bernabeu club has returned to the Mestalla since May 2023, when the Brazilian striker was the subject of racist insults from parts of the stand.

Valencia has asked La Liga to reject the Brazilian production company’s request for accreditation. The Mestalla club will also not grant any of the interviews requested from Conspiraçao this week and all interviews with Hugo Duro, at the center of a fight with Vini Junior, have been refused to all media.

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