PSG move confirmed


By: Manu Tournoux

PSG is indeed preparing to leave the Parc des Princes. The new shareholder of the capital club, Arctos, confirms this.

It has been three months since PSG recorded the arrival of a new shareholder: the American investment fund Arctos Partners. Last December, the group based in Dallas and already present in the capital of around twenty franchises spent some 500 million euros to acquire 12.5% ​​of the shares of the Parisian jewel. This in order to “ support remarkable growth » of the Reds and Blues.

This Thursday, during a conference organized by the Financial Times, the CEO of Arctos Alastair Seaman expressed his enthusiasm for this new challenge for his group. Not without being affirmative on one of the hot issues of the moment in Paris: the potential move of PSG to the suburbs, far from the Parc des Princes.

“There are too many unsatisfied demands”

They spent €150 million on a new training center which will have no equivalentsays Alastair Seaman, convinced of having carried out a great operation by investing in French football. The club enjoys a huge population base which provides the most talent in the world. These two data combined with the desire to invest in having a younger and more French team make the project financially interesting. »

And to say more about the abandonment of the Park: “ There is a strong possibility of seeing PSG develop a new modern stadium in the suburbs. It’s in progress, we’re working on it with them. There are too many unmet demands today and this project can solve the problem. It’s simple, actually: there is only one club in a city like Paris, which is one of the most visited in the world. This allowed their brand to become bigger than the local championship. Very few clubs are capable of achieving this. » The absolute anguish of Parisian supporters is no longer at the stage of rumor…

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