OL: Cherki, is it finished?


By: Manu Tournoux

If Olympique Lyonnais has raised the bar, Rayan Cherki is unable to score points with Pierre Sage.

Considered since his emergence as the most promising prospect in the Lyon academy, Rayan Cherki is struggling to meet expectations. The French international Espoir is going through this season under criticism. And if his team rectified the situation after a catastrophic first leg, the attacking midfielder did not score points in this good period.

Some observers have not been kind to Rayan Cherki, like Daniel Riolo. The RMC journalist made extremely vehement remarks towards the attacking midfielder, whose physical condition he questions.

“He doesn’t even have the body of a high-level football player anymore”

What I want to know is whether, over time, Pierre Sage is capable of making a decision and deciding on someone who everyone agrees is the talented guy on the Lyon team. Let him say: “I’m cutting it, I don’t care and we’re going to move forward collectively”. While his predecessors all tinkered with Cherki, without achieving anything, we see that he is not even going to try to tinker. Riolo blurted.

“His entry against Metz was catastrophic, he no longer even has the body of a high-level football player, continued the journalist. It’s very strange for his age. I find this worrying, you have the impression that he can no longer run. And I don’t think Sage is going to do him any favors », concluded Riolo.

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