Mourinho breaks down and bursts into tears


By: Manu Tournoux

José Mourinho has recalled the one and only time he cried after a football match.

Free from any contract since his departure from AS Roma at the start of the year, José Mourinho recalled his worst memory as a coach at the microphone of Prime Video. It was in 2012, after the elimination of Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Opposed to Bayern Munich, the Merengue, who lost 2-1 in the first leg, were beaten on penalties during the return leg at the Bernabéu (2-1, 1 tab to 3). A still painful memory for Special One.

“We were destroyed”

“It’s the first and only time I cried after a match. Obviously I didn’t do it on the pitch or in the locker room, but in the car on the way home.”confided the Portuguese technician.

And to add: “Later I get a call from Jorge Mendes: ‘Do me a favor, go to Cristiano because he’s devastated’. I told him: ” I too am devastated.” But I did it, I got ready, I dried my tears and I went to see Cristiano. We were destroyed. »

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