A supporter defrauded by a real-fake Longoria


By: Manu Tournoux

An OM supporter claims to have been defrauded out of 15,000 euros by the president of his favorite club, Pablo Longoria.

The story is barely credible, relayed this Thursday by BFM Marseille. An OM fan living in Salon-de-Provence, in Bouches-du-Rhône, lost 15,000 euros, the victim of a scam in which Marseille President Pablo Longoria is involved according to him.

Under the pretext of an investment of 80,000 euros in the unfortunate man’s professional projects, the scammer who contacted him on Facebook, posing as the Spanish leader, demanded payment of bank charges necessary to carry out the operation. . Until extracting the sum of 15,000 euros.

“You broke up a family”

When I tapped on Google, it’s true that there is certain legislation and laws, so I very quickly fall into the trap, I trustexplains the victim. He ruined my life. I told him, you broke up a family. I’m going through a divorce, I have a lot of expenses to pay. At the same time I take care of my children, because they have nothing to do with it… »

Despite the enormity of the situation, the man interviewed by BFM remains convinced that he was scammed by the real Pablo Longoria. “ There is no doubt », he maintains. No doubt in fact for the deputy editor-in-chief Tech&Co of BFMTV, Raphaël Grably, as to the identity theft in view of the famous Facebook account which phished the poor supporter.

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