Habib Beye, the hard blow?


By: Manu Tournoux

Coach of Red Star, current leader of the National, Habib Beye is on the verge of losing his right arm. His assistant coach, Sébastien Bichard, interests Clermont.

So far, the season is going wonderfully for Red Star. Currently a resident of National, the Ile-de-France club occupies the top of the ranking with no less than five units in advance (and one match less) over its first pursuer, Niort. The hope of a return to Ligue 2 next season is slowly but surely coming to fruition, day after day, with one man and his staff at the helm. Head coach, Habib Beye has found the right formula to guide his team towards the summits of the National. And he has been able to rely until now on his right arm, Sébastien Bichard. But the latter could well leave the ship.

Assistant coach of the Saint-Ouen club, the forty-year-old caught the eye of Clermont. According to information released Thursday by The Team, the management of the club currently ranked in eighteenth place in Ligue 1, would be strongly interested in Bichard’s profile and would consider installing him on the bench in place of Pascal Gastien. However, the media took care to indicate that things were still quite far from being done.

Negotiations in progress

Firstly because the Red Star does not intend to let go so easily a man who is important in its rebuilt operation. And to make things easier, the Ile-de-France club could ask for financial compensation commensurate with the loss that Sébastien Bichard’s departure would represent, in the middle of the season. Discussions have already started between the different parties. The person concerned had interviews with the Clermont management and he was able to convince them to push to recruit him.

It remains to wait for the continuation of the operations, but what is certain is that Habib Beye will lose a very good element if the negotiations were to succeed and cause the departure of Sébastien Bichard. If Clermont were to go down at the end of the season and Red Star validated its rise, Beye and Bichard could find themselves in Ligue 2 next season, but on opposite benches.

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