Paul Bernardoni cheated in Türkiye!


By: Manu Tournoux

The former Saint-Etienne goalkeeper, Paul Bernardoni, is experiencing difficult times in Turkey at the moment.

It’s not the “Midnight Express”, but it looks like it. French goalkeeper Paul Bernardoni is currently going through hell in Turkey, and more particularly within the Konyaspor club.

Bernardoni expected to leave Konyaspor

Transferred to this team last summer, Bernardoni (26 years old) has not been paid for months by his managers. And this is also the case for Albanian striker Sokol Cikalleshi. This is what Insider Mohamed Toubache-Ter reveals.

To complain about their situation, the two players sent a letter to FIFA. An initiative that they paid a dear price for, since they have just been excluded from the pro group. They are not among those summoned for the opposition against Galatasaray.

In addition to not receiving his due, Bernardoni is also faced with being estranged from his family. His wife has still not been able to join him in Türkiye. Lack of visa.

The former international hopeful goalkeeper should not stay forever in this country. He is on the market for a transfer this winter. The source says he already has some serious touches with an MLS franchise.

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