Benzema, the spicy nickname


By: Manu Tournoux

As incomprehension grows between Karim Benzema and Al-Ittihad supporters, the French striker has been given an unflattering nickname.

A few months after Cristiano Ronaldo signed up for Al-Nassr, Karim Benzema chose to join Saudi Arabia. Recruited by Al-Ittihad, the 2022 Ballon d’Or has signed a three-season contract, with an annual check for 200 million euros. With such amounts, managers and supporters expected wonders from their new recruit. But the fans have started to become disillusioned and some of them are now criticizing the player who suddenly left social networks in recent days.

Shortly before Christmas, star commentator Walid Al-Farraj spoke of this growing incomprehension between Karim Benzema and Al-Ittihad supporters during an interview with Goal Arabia. “ The gap between Benzema and the public is growing day by day. He didn’t play and never managed to make a single difference. And above all, he makes no effort, as if telling the audience: ‘I’m just having fun with you’. » And the distrust towards the former Real Madrid player did not stop there since he was given an ugly nickname.

“Not enough effort”

Returning to the elimination of Al-Ittihad against Al-Ahly on December 15, in the Club World Cup, Walid Al-Farraj noted something: “ A phrase kept coming back to some of the supporters. They called Benzema ‘Ben-Hazima’, literally in Arabic, the son of defeat. A player who doesn’t try hard enough. It’s as if he is saying to the fans, ‘thank God because I play for you’. » However, the picture is not so gloomy for Karim Benzema who has still scored nine goals and offered four assists in fourteen matches. But while waiting for the player to reappear, the atmosphere remains heavy at the Saudi club.

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