Skriniar pointed: “He abandoned us! »


By: Manu Tournoux

PSG’s Slovakian defender Milan Skriniar received heavy criticism during the winter break.

Milan Skriniar did not leave only good memories at his former club Inter. Fans are still furious with him because of the way he left. And this is also the case for some elders of the Nerazzurra house.

“Skriniar left when we needed him”

The club’s former midfielder, Francesco Bolzoni, made very virulent remarks against the Slovak. In his eyes, he betrayed the institution. And in an even more odious way than Romelu Lukaku did. In an interview with Interista, he said: “I’ll tell you, Skriniar is the one who bothered me the most. He arrived at Inter almost unknown, wore the captain’s armband and then left a group that needed him.”

For Bolzoni, Lukaku had mitigating circumstances: “He is probably being advised by someone who has a strong influence on him, given that he is constantly changing teams.”

Bolzoni, who played at Inter between 2006 and 2009, then expressed some remorse over the past season. “The biggest regret for me, more than having lost the Champions League or the Scudetto, is to have finished third, 18 points behind Naples, which is unacceptable if we look at the two squads. »

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